Mission Statement

The Lakota tell of how 2,000 years a divine female Spirit named White Buffalo Calf Woman came to present precious cultural and spiritual gifts. She promised to return at the end of the cosmic era during a great time of planetary transformation.
When White Buffalo Calf Woman originally came to the Nation, upon her departure she told the People: “I must leave you now, but I will return someday. Then there will be a new life and a new understanding.” She then transformed into a red buffalo calf, into a maiden again, into a yellow calf, into a maiden, into a dark brown calf, into a maiden, then into a white buffalo calf, thus signifying the unity of the races and the coming together of humanity into oneness of heart, mind, and spirit. Many Native Americans of various Nations believe the fulfillment of the prophecy began when, on August 20th, 1994, a white buffalo calf, a female named Miracle, was born on a farm in the Midwest. Miracle, as indicated by the prophecy, in fact changed color four times. Since then, other White Buffalos have come to herald a new era on this planet.
WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy is our public service announcement and endorses the proposition: ‘heal yourself, heal the planet; heal the planet, heal yourself’. It represents our humble contribution to the evolution and regeneration of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Mitakuye Oyasin: we are all related.