"So there is a lot that makes me not so optimistic. But hopeful – yes – because look what you’re doing. Why are you doing this? It’s been taking you out of your own livelihood and way for a while. You and your three brothers have decided that you want to do this thing because you want to wake up people, you want to bring them to greater awareness. So that makes me hopeful. But optimistic? That’ll depend on how the people who watch this will wake up with that." – Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

"WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy is a film with a very important message – one of positive choice with regard to the co-creation of our future in these momentous times. It is my honor to have been interviewed for this film and to be able to share my understanding of how we, as a species, may continue to evolve to our next level of consciousness." - Jonathan Goldman, Musician/Author/Teacher Internationally recognized author of “Healing Sounds” and “The Divine Name”, Director of the Sound Healers Association www.healingsounds.com www.templeofsacredsound.org www.soundhealersassociation.org

"Humanity finds itself at a crucial juncture in history. This planet – perhaps the entire galaxy – is at this very moment experiencing a massive evolutionary shift in consciousness, accompanied by significant geological, climatological, political, economic, and social changes. Indigenous traditions the world over hold information and prophecies about this MOMENT. Among these are the sacred traditions of the Native Americans, particularly those of the Hopi and the Maya of North and Central America. Richard and Ethan and the WHITE BUFFALO team are following the thread as the action unfolds. They are coming from a good place – from a place of optimism and sincere faith in the quantum leap before us. Maybe that’s why the Elders and savants are talking to them – or maybe it’s because they just do it with a great sense of humor for their own foibles… "It’s been a long, long journey, but after millennia of enslavement to institutions, corporations and negative programs, we are on the verge of FREEDOM at last." – David Childerley, Founder myGenie.tv

"White Buffalo takes an intrinsic look at the medicine ways of “the people.” Four brothers, four directions, four elements, in decoding the deeper wisdom of Mother Earth and the passage we take to discover the heart of all nations, all creeds, and remember that we are of the One Human Tribe." - Amalia Camateros, Author of Spirit of the Stones

"Wars rage. Natural disasters ravage. Economies struggle… As 2012 approaches, waves of fear and cries of uncertainty sweep across our nation and our world. But wait! Can you hear it? The distant echo of hooves thundering across our Great Plains, heralding a New Age of personal and planetary transformation!Centuries ago, White Buffalo Calf Woman gave to the Lakota Indians the sacred pipe and a promise: that when the white buffalo calf is born, the Fifth or Rainbow Race will appear, ushering in a time of peace and harmony for all creatures. "In the docu-drama, WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy, visionary filmmakers Ethan and Richard Marten set out to document, from “sea to shining sea,” the wisdom of Native Elders in the Americas, and the ancient prophecies now being fulfilled. "On the quest, the four Marten brothers, representing a kind of modern-day Everyman, discover insights about themselves, in hopes of healing their family in the wider family of man. "I am proud to know Ethan and Richard, who combine excellence in filmmaking with excellence of character. Smart, sensitive, funny, and kind, they are committed to a better world for all. Join them on the journey! Mitakouye oyasin, All my relatives”. - Pamela Anne Bro, Ph.D., Anthropologist, Founder and Pastor of Living Waters Sanctuary, Author of Soul Quest: A Trail Guide to Life.

"What the world needs now is people with a fresh vision of hope and healing for this troubled planet. The Marten brothers are such people. With courage and wide experience in the art of film making, they have been traveling far and wide studying the ways of the Native American peoples. They hope to make a bold, compassionate statement. You can be sure that anything they produce will be full of wit, wisdom and a deep understanding of what the Native American traditions have to say about the human family and our times. The final product will be a wake-up call for us and will give us some new perspectrives on the meaning of the prophecies about the year 2012." - Rev. Dr. June Avis Bro, Author/Lecturer/Concert Pianist (Dr. Bro was a personal friend of the seer Edgar Cayce) "The recent appearance of white animals in several species has both spiritual and transitional significance. You associate white with peace, and these animal rarities that are appearing are symbolic of the coming changes in animal nature that will eliminate the predator and prey food chain and restore the peaceful relationship that once existed among all species, including humankind." - Messages from Matthew / Suzanne Ward "The documentary you are putting together is very interesting and timely. We both support your vision … the message is very urgent and needs to be heard." - Dennison & Teddi Tsosie, Authors of Spirit Visions: The Old Ones Speak.

Solar Brother Richard,

May the Great Father Sun be with you when you receive this. I think it is wonderful news to learn that everything is ready to start the filming of this prophetic film of White Buffalo. I am sure that this film is going to reveal several of the prophecies that must be fulfilled in this New Time that will bring great changes for the whole mankind. Thank you very much for the good news you are giving me. This type of documentaries contributes a lot to heal the suffering mankind and gives them hope in their future life. Thus the New Age will begin bringing blessings and wellness to all the human beings. I am willing to help and do my best in order to make this prophecy possible.

The birth of the White Buffalo is a symbol of the prophecy of the return of the Great Spirit in these sacred lands of Tamuanchan or America. We could say that the White Buffalo is the Great Cosmic Spirit that will return to bring back the spirituality and moral values in this American continent.

It is also very important to learn about the sacred crystal skulls and the connection they have with the New Age. This phenomenon is a mystery that does not have any logical explanation. Some Mayas of Tradition know about the great cosmic importance of the sacred skulls. Long time ago, in a specific time the Mayan initiates arrived in Egypt to worship the Great Spirit in order to continue their cosmic lineage. For hundreds of years, those Mayas educated the human beings and taught them how to live with that law. Later, the Kara Mayas arrived in the lands of the Greek and transmitted their cosmic wisdom and sacred laws to the great Greek teachers such as the Greek philosopher Euclid. The Naga Mayas were in India and settled down in the Cachimira region. And it was precisely in that site where the Naga Mayas imparted their cosmic wisdom where some time later another great teacher appeared and learned a lot from them. This great master Jesus from Nazareth would take the teachings of the cosmic wisdom to the sacred Hebrew lands of Judea. This wisdom of the Great Spirit was also deposited in the lands of Tibet.

I will be glad to welcome you here in the sacred Mayan lands in 2011 and then we will see what can be done to carry out our prophetic project. You can count on me to do my best. I think the best date to do this filming work would be during the equinox because on March 21 thousands of people, about 60,000 come to visit the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza. Many indigenes also come for the solar ceremonies.

I think you will need at least 7 days to do your filming work. The sites to be filmed would be Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Mayapan, the Mayan Ceremonial Center Lol Be (www.themayas.com.mx), and of course you could film a Mayan community. May the Great Spirit be always with you.

Hunbatz Men Maya Itza Tradition

White Buffalo: An American Prophecy Film Project

The time of prophecy is upon us, the time of the ending of the Fourth World and the beginning of moving into the Fifth Sun or Fifth World. All cultures around our beautiful planet have an ancient knowing of this time and of the great shifts ahead. The Hopi prophecy speaks of the “Blue Star” delivering a great ray of light to the whole planet. The Mayan calendar is probably the most famous at this time, showing the end of their old count of time on December 21, 2012 and the beginning of a new time, a new world. It is written in the petroglyphs, ancient scrolls and is embedded within the all, red, white, yellow and black, peoples’ legends, songs and dances. One such legend is that of the White Buffalo Prophecy.

When we learned of the “White Buffalo: An American Prophecy” film project our Spirits lit up with a knowing that this was a key component in getting the word out to the world of what it was going to take to come into alignment with the new world and to steady our environment for the great shifts ahead. We are so grateful that this film project is happening and right on time in accordance with Divine will. This documentary is being created and is to be shared to help all of humanity awaken to the truth of the Great Shift, how it has been foretold for millennia and how the time is upon us now.

The Red Nations of North, Central and South America hold the “fail-safe” key to helping us all to remember the “original instructions”; they hold the wisdom and knowledge of the secrets that would help us survive the great shifts ahead. They ask us to remember their great wisdom and they speak to many around the world, providing them guidance as to their mission at this time, to bring about the Golden Age. They speak of our returning to our hearts and changing our thoughts and emotions to be in a harmonic resonance with unconditional love for all things, to love all things equally.

Many want us to believe that this shift into a new era is one filled with gloom, doom and destruction. Seers and spiritualists the worlds over, for time recorded have received visions of Earth shifts, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, droughts and floods. To be sure, we will see major shifts in the coming days as we head into the fifth world. The thing that many are not talking about it that it is up to us, the human race, to help gentle the shifts of our precious Mother Earth and her environments. We can help her to balance the elements, of earth, air water and fire to allow her to re-birth herself with ease. If we all do this we can move gracefully into 2011, 2012, 2013 and beyond, this new way of life will be known as the New Earth Agreements.

There are ancient ceremonies being set in motion to re-harmonize or retune Mother Nature’s web of life, the flower of life. On March 19th, 20th, & 21st, 2011 during the Spring equinox, the Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel Ceremony centered around Olympia, Washington will take place. Then on September 22nd to 26th, 2011 the Eagle & Condor / North, South, Central American Medicine Wheel will take place during the time of the Fall equinox. We set the center point on this great 4,000 mile medicine wheel by creating a smaller wheel around Costa Rica in late Spring 2011. This ceremony will heal the web of life known to Native Americans as Grandmother Spider’s Web that is spun around the entire globe. These three ceremonies will facilitate a much gentler shift within our environment, for our precious Mother Earth that will change the prophecies of gloom and doom.

We are pleased to invite the filmmakers to participate in and film the medicine wheel ceremonies that we will be facilitating throughout 2011. In fulfilling the part of the prophecies of bringing about peace to all nations, there will be multiple opportunities for filming as we travel all over the America’s meeting with tribes, asking them to consider participating in the ceremonies. The ceremonies themselves will each be over three days and will have nine different locations where they are taking place simultaneously. You who are reading this message are invited to join us in person or in spirit for whatever portions you are resonating with.

As the message of our mission and the news that it will stabilize and heal our planet reaches the hearts of those who are in alignment with it, we are blessed with all the abundance we need to continue with our journeys. For those reading this letter, we ask you to search your heart and if you are inspired to be part of this project, please come forward to do your part. May you be rewarded 100 fold for your generosity and support. Blessed be to all of Creation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for considering these messages.

Bennie “Blue Thunder” LeBeau Earth Wisdom Foundation 307.851.6249 [email protected] www.tetonrainbows.com

Kristine Soliday – Energy Lighthouse 360.367.0850 [email protected] www.energylighthouse.com