Praise for WB Movie

Comments from advance viewers:

Hope, uplifting energy and a bright look into the future, is what is left in my heart after watching White Buffalo. A movie that took 10 years to make. A movie that gives us the direct wise words from indigenous people all around the world. The time of great change is now and we are looking into one of the best transformations humanity has ever gone through! Looking forward! Many thanks to the four Marten-brothers who made this epic movie possible! Your fun, crazy energy was tangible throughout the whole movie and made me smile. Thank you for the inspiring work.  And yes, please create the series! Greetings from Apeldoorn… 

Truly outstanding!  Was blown away, quite an undertaking you Bro’s done did…  Cinemagraphic techniques and film quality were professional and top-notch. That moving song, either at minute 48 or 58 brought me to tears.  To me, I think you really nailed the essence of “the tragedy and hope” of our human past, and our ever present spiritual realities.

  • Duane D

I watched the documentary with my daughter. We were quite emotional and it opened a lot of doors for her to ask questions.  Thank you for this documentary. We need this during this critical time. We are on a tipping point and I myself have a lot of fear and worry. This film gave me a sense of hope and lessen the anger and hurt I feel.   I couldn’t wait to express my gratitude. Thank you very much.

  • Armi 

… just wanted to say how wonderfully and deeply I was affected……fundamentally, and not just from the perspective of “connectivity”…but, from the eternal struggle of light and dark………..your movie inspirationally kept my mind and heart open to the “connectedness” required to help the healing process the world….animate and inanimate….so desperately needs……Thank you!               

  • Michael A

The film is so beautiful!   Such a Heart & Consciousness opener!   I loved every minute of it … the energy it radiates is so fantastic. 

  • Barbara C

I LOVED your movie!  Wonderful cinematography and sound.  Beautiful up close pictures of the elders.  And, finally, a message of peace regardless of religion, philosophy or culture.  You showed that peace was a journey.

  • Sandy R

Congrats on a wonderful achievement. This is a feel good production with relevance and meaning for those who would listen….like myself…thank you. The themes and cinematography are beautiful while the message/s couldn’t be more relevant in these times.

  • Neil H

I am so thrilled with your movie. Such a profound blessing to the world.  Wow!  Thank you so much

  • Jilly

I want to watch this movie again… so much to appreciate and process. So very moving and personal to me… Thank you, brothers Marten for this beautiful gift when so many of us need it! It was brilliant and one of those films that is multifaceted. I feel that if I watch again, I’ll pick up more and more. So, I am looking forward to more access.

  • Karen B

What a marvelous journey you guys went on! Wow. What a powerful message, one we especially need now in this country. That indigenous peoples, really all over the world, carry the same basic wisdom; that we are all of this one world and we need learn how to respect and care for our relationships with each other and ALL life on our mother earth. We are all connected. Thoughtful, varied interviewees. Great human, wildlife & nature images. Technically well done and sequenced. Very emotionally poignant. Touched me deeply. Very well done guys. What a worthwhile endeavor and production.

  • Candance A

Thank you so much for such a beautiful movie! I really enjoy the opening statement from Lao Tzu!!!!!!  When will this movie be available to other viewers? Beautiful!!!  

  • Pency T

It was beyond amazing.  It’s touching, smart, thought provoking and important… Thank you for putting in the work, the heart and the spirit, to not only make a wonderful film.. but to awake us from our lethargy we have grown so accustomed too… I look forward to seeing your future endeavors!

  • Sam S

Absolutely Wonderful! … And, what I learned is that I could watch at least 2 or 3 more times! Soooo much to take in; so much to learn; so much to think about. Mesmerizing and of so powerful! So right for this time with what’s happening right now in the world. I believe anyone who does see this wonderful film WILL be woken up!

  • Reilly P

Bravo to you and your brothers!!  We were engrossed, engaged, and impressed — we were moved and amazed and enlightened…

  • Risa & Laird

Hau, we saw it and was great, is great! Congratulations. Job well done… There’s much sadness and fear going on; in the film, my mother-in-law was appropriately shedding tears for the future of the place both Pine Ridge and the world everywhere. The collage of speakers was well done and well-selected country-wide. Tell the boys we loved it and the spirit of you four came through splendidly.  

  • Tom C

What a lovely presentation! I so enjoyed listening to the various tribal representatives. All of you did such a great job. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

Your movie was absolutely amazing!!!!!  It was mesmerizing!  And the timing couldn’t me more perfect.  The world needs to see this right now.

  • Terri M

The cinematography was pretty uniformly fabulous.  Lush color…  Bringing their voices out at this time is a real mitzvah.

  • Joel W

Thank you for providing such a spiritual and thought-provoking work. I woke up feeling spiritually uplifted and optimistic and hopeful.  

  • Anonymous

We watched White Buffalo last night. I loved it. So moving and so many ways! Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen when we get back to some kind of normal!!

  • Susan H

I was up at three this morning and just got back to my apartment. Been wanting to write you all day and tell you how much I enjoyed the premiere that you allowed me to watch.  I was very impressed with your opening statements that kind of set the tone for the entire movie. Well done!!

  • Anonymous

Dear Brothers, what a joy it was to watch White Buffalo… I appreciate the way (the) elders responded to your sincerity and heart and therefore offered their deeply meaningful teachings and wisdom… Lastly, I appreciate the magic of sequences from elders to family, from serious to silliness, from inspiring to confrontational.  Thanks for making this film and offering up its timely message. 

  • Jon T

Hey Brothers, good job on your Movie.  I enjoyed the movie and was proud that my wife and I were a part of it!  Seemed only yesterday we met and Talked. Thanks again for such a good job.   

  • Gary Four Star

I am very moved by your movie. A real tour de force, very spiritual & so infused with the truth that’s so much needed today, a real counterweight to our, the country’s, the world’s chaos. You’ve created a wonderful, wonderful film. It hopefully will be widely distributed & widely viewed.  Thanks for the creation & the sharing.

  • Howard H

Thank the brothers and team for the gift of White Buffalo. There is a great message within this journey of four brothers, the gift of belief, trust, and joy, often nearly impossible to find in our world. I cried tears of despair, tears of joy in watching, such is life, life at its most elemental core.  I hope , like the Rabbi spoke, we find a way, though wonder your gift enhanced my journey.  Be well, prosper and make this work be carried on in the heart of many.

  • Anonymous

Loved the whole movie … very beautifully done! You brothers are a hoot throughout it and the message from our Indigenous elders was on the mark! Thank you!

  • LaKota OneHeart

Absolutely Wonderful! … And, what I learned is that I could watch at least 2 or 3 more times! Soooo much to take in; so much to learn; so much to think about. Mesmerizing and of so powerful! So right for this time with what’s happening right now in the world. I believe anyone who does see this wonderful film WILL be woken up! Invoked so many emotions in me. I truly doubt I have the vocabulary or ability to express all the thoughts and feelings this movie has left me with, but I will try.  I went to bed last night with my brain and emotions swirling and woke this morning still trying to process all of the movie’s amazingly vast and varied content of knowledge and cinematography! In all honesty I believe that it is truly a stunning and absolute thought provoking piece of art!

  • P.J.

I saw and felt messages of spirituality, compassion and mindfulness in every scene. I, several times, became emotionally overwhelmed when listening to the lore, wisdom, and predictions! The indigenous people and Rabbi especially left me with both hope and worry.  I am made hopeful by the thoughts and predictions of a harmonious Fifth World if we all come together! And, I am saddened and worried, for future generations, by the most likely dire consequences if our world remains so out of balance as it is today.  The whole movie was a joy to watch! It was…in my non-professional opinion really well edited. The inserted personal family snippets…especially with your mom were not only wonderful to see, they gave credence to the movies entire message of unity and also gave moments of respite from the harsher realities of life paths that must change. And, I think that it is an extremely prevalent time for the movie to come out!

  • Anonymous

What an amazing achievement all of you created. The fact that you were able to connect and involve so many different Native American tribes is most impressive.  The visuals were also powerful.  This is an important film, especially during these difficult times we’re all experiencing.  I do hope this documentary film will have a large distribution…. what an artistic leap you’ve made by being a part of the story.  We loved it.

  • June P

I watched your film quietly, by myself, into the wee hours… It completely speaks to my heart and acknowledges everything I think about and believe in deeply.  Thank you for making this and I hope it gets a huge audience.  It needs to be heard badly.  My soul is in this movie!  Much love and deep thanks.

  • Madeleine B

It is an extraordinary piece of work, what an achievement, what a story! Congratulations. I loved watching your journey as a family as well as learning about these incredible people and their powerful view on the world. I found it deeply moving and inspiring, the light, wisdom and hope that these souls radiate. The history and the stories, there were so many layers. The sense of family, community and collective hopefulness feels particularly pertinent in the times we are in. I am excited for the world to see this film! 

  • Isabella Z

In spite of some harsh warnings, this movie gave me much comfort, hope and much food for thought!!! I would like to see it again as I am quite sure I missed much while contemplating, into the next scene, what was said in the past one.  I know Covid has narrowed your ability to get this out to a MUCH larger audience, but I think that it is such a delightful and important piece of work that I hope you are trying. I absolutely believe it’s message is one that ALL can enjoy and more importantly learn from!  BRAVO to you and to the many who imparted their knowledge, wisdom, talent and heart to bring this awesome film to light! And, thank you for allowing me to enjoy, learn and be made a better person by seeing it!

  • Anonymous

My wholehearted  congratulations with the successful accomplishment  of your movie !!  A lot of people will congratulate you with that, but only few would know what you’ve come through (financially, organizationally, emotionally).  My personal opinion is that it was done very professionally – on a par with many documentary films made with much larger budgets and resources that you had.  

  • Walter E

Hey…we really enjoyed White Buffalo. You should be so very proud. An amazing message and also you’ve selected just the right time to release it. The additions of the most recent events going on today didn’t escape us, that’s for sure. Major congrats for getting it completed. We know how long that journey has been. Hope you are proud of it. You should be.

  • Anonymous

I just loved the way the threads of the sacred stories and current events woved together. As you were taking the journey I imagine that so much of it wasn’t planned, but came together by fate…BTW: I absolutely loved the comparison of the Lakota sound waves and the sound waves of the other languages differed and how you seemed to draw a correlation to the pattern in the blanket…so profound.

  • Karen B

The producers took over 25 years to create a documentary of their journey to seek wisdom from Native American elders.  I have had the pleasure of seeing their just completed work, “White Buffalo.”   It is a beautiful film, filled with soulful meaning, and crafted from the heart.  I hope that, “White Buffalo,” will inspire you as much as it has inspired me.

  • Gordon H

I really liked the way you segued from one tradition to another, from the rock maze in Mississippi to the Black Hills…..the search itself is always fascinating. It makes it a kind of detective story . . . which, I guess, makes you hard-boiled detectives.

  • Joe

Fascinating journey and strong message. Loved it!

  • D. S. 

Just want to thank the Marten Bros. for the magnificent production they manifested. 

  • Andi & Jonathan G

Loved the passion. story. and current world significance.

  • Steve B

What a beautiful gift, this viewing of White Buffalo! big heartfelt thanks … we hope the film is seen far and wide–helpful, hopeful, honest, inclusive and inspiring–so needed in these times.

  • Anonymous

… I’m grateful for people like yourself who raise awareness about the powerful wisdom, stories and messages that the indigeounous cultures/elders hold … that the world is in so much need of receiving. I loved the light tone you brought though. From a loving, wonderous but also undeniably painted place of truth. Not from a blaming perspective, but shared from a very genuine and authentic power.

  • Anonymous

FABULOUS!!! I am thrilled to be invited to the preview! You should all be so proud of this project – the timing of a positive message could not be more imperative as it is right now!

  • Deanna M

I love that there is no proselytizing — just unbiased, non-judgmental listening with the goal to understanding different spiritual cultures and universal wisdom. Beautiful. Best line: “The deer was clearly marked.

  • Anonymous

Thank you for the viewing. Its message, its spirituality is what I have known all my life… Thank you for making me feel that I’m not 100% crazy. God Bless. Stay safe.

  • Scott Z

Fascinating film!

  • Maria P

That was wonderful. Thanks so much. It was beautifully done.  

  • Betsey K

“White Buffalo” is surely your magnum opus!  So much heart and soul went into its creation…  It reads as a loving elegy to your parents, and to your deep spiritual reflection. Thank you for sharing this with us!    

  • Marilyn S

The movie is amazing!! I have good friend who is Taino. He would have loved this.

  • BJ W-D

I loved the film, it’s message, it’s heart and the family dynamics. Congratulations on it. I hope it gets to be seen a bunch.

  • Mario G

Amazing work. Holy cow, I felt really good watching that.  The brothers are adorable. I would love to know how long you worked on that film. I hope everyone was thrilled. Way to go!

  • Bonnie B

I love that there is no proselytizing — just unbiased, non-judgmental listening with the goal to understanding different spiritual cultures and universal wisdom. Beautiful. Best line: “The deer was clearly marked.”

  • Anonymous

The movie was great! I really enjoyed watching every minute of it!

  • Beth D

Thank you, a lovely message… The screening last night was wonderful, and the messages within the film are very powerful.  May these messages be heard!         

  • Norma A

Not to get too crazy but I think there was a reason it took so many years to make this film. It was made and released at a time when it was most needed.

  • Anonymous

Such a wonderful and thought-provoking piece of work. Just beautiful. Spread the love and stay awake. Thank you so much for keeping on. Ten years. Beautiful work. Big love!  

  • Anonymous

White Buffalo was well done and displayed the central universal belief system spanning millennia and peoples. Fine job.  

  • Gordon P

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your and your brothers hard work on this documentary!! Trace and I watched it and were completely pulled into it. Thank you for including our beloved Tom in your film! Trace was brought to tears seeing his dad talk in your film…. Blessings to you and your family. Many thanks!

  • T & T H

Congratulations on finishing and publishing White Buffalo. I know it has been a labor of love and it showed. The footage was beautiful and the message timely. Hoping the message of peace and unity come to fruition.      

  • Anonymous

I want to congratulate you all on a wonderful movie on peace and the allegorical life journey to understand peace and spirituality.  I wish you much success!

  • Liama D

I saw the “White Buffalo, American Prophecy” last night.  The movie was indeed thought provoking and inspiring and hopeful … for the future of American generations.  … the movie is very positive for future prophecy of “hope” for Americans and for the world’s people “to be as one” with one thinking and belief.  Interestingly the “White Buffalo’s appearance signify’s the coming of a blending of the world population in empathy, honesty, gentleness and respect for all people.  It is very good spiritual prophecy; I respect this!  and I pray this will happen. Great Job!          

  • Timothy N

You could feel the PASSION through the camera!  Excellent film.  Great work.  

  • Abe S

My wife and I enjoyed watching White Buffalo last night.  Your family did a remarkable job!  Thank you and congratulations!  

  • Anonymous

Could only have been made by a brotherhood of Jewish Buddhists.  Seriously this was an important work. Thanks again for allowing me to view it.    

  • Anonymous

Congratulations on finishing and publishing White Buffalo. I know it has been a labor of love and it showed. The footage was beautiful and the message timely.  Hoping the message of peace and unity come to fruition.          

  • Mindy K 

… were blown away by White Buffalo, An American Prophecy and look forward to watching it again. MAZEL TOV … on your amazing movie – the effort and love come through straight to our hearts.  It was a joy to watch… to experience… Thank you for inviting us to be part of the movement.      

  • Jody M

More Praise for the Film:

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  • Great message in the movie. Loved it.
  • Mazel tov
  • Great film, great work, very inspirational.  Thanks.
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  • That was a wow! Provocative. Very current statement of our life!
  • Movie was terrific. More timely now than in 2012!  A big congrats to you.
  • Excellent film. Perfect timing for it to come out.  Well done. Mazel tov!
  • Thank you for allowing me to enjoy, learn and be made a better person by seeing it!